Why do we need the Women in Jazz Jam Festival?

Even groundhogs have a day!

I knew I had to do something to uplift the stories of women like me who live as musicians in the jazz community, women like me who work hard to be recognized in a male-dominated industry, women like me who are looking to honor the past while inspiring the future. My name is Kelle Jolly and I am a ukulele-playing jazz singer & media personality with a mission!

I started planning the first WOMEN IN JAZZ JAM FESTIVAL to shine a light so brightly on the stories of women, that no one could deny their contributions of creativity, strength and wisdom.

When and where will the festival be held?

The Women in Jazz Jam Festival will be held in Knoxville, Tennessee, March 10th-12th, 2017. March is Women’s History Month and Music in Our Schools Month. The purpose of the festival is to uncover the stories of women in all aspects of the jazz genre, throughout the jazz community. Knox County students will be on spring break and are encouraged to attend workshops and performances.

What will I see at the Women in Jazz Jam Festival?

The Women in Jazz Jam Festival will consist of performances by women jazz musicians from Knoxville community, East Tennessee region and the country. Concerts and workshops will take place in downtown Knoxville.

What do you need?

To be successful, partners who share the goals of the festival are needed. I hope the
Women in Jazz Jam Festival will build new audiences for women in jazz and make people aware that Knoxville is a travel destination for jazz concerts.

I will need the support of others who share my passion for jazz to help pay artist fees, travel and lodging, as well as marketing and publicity costs.

I have received donations to cover the cost of the venue rentals. But this festival is all about the artists.

How can I help?

Show the performers and facilitators that we value their time and gifts. And when you give, we give back to you by recognizing your contribution with sneak-peak online performances, social media shout-outs, t-shirts and more.