Saturday Sounds from Inside Knoxville

Saturday Sounds: Women in Jazz Jam Festival


In the middle of all the great festivals the city has to offer, we added a couple of new ones this year. The Women in Jazz Jam Festival, produced by local jazz musician and vocalist Kelle Jolly set a high standard for what I hope will be many years of future installments. By all measures, it appears to have been a great success. …

Kind Words from Knoxville Mercury!

Kelle Jolly Celebrates an Overlooked Tradition With the Women in Jazz Jam Festival

KMercby Rose Kennedy March 16, 2016

An audience member approached Kelle Jolly after a Tennessee Theatre Musical Monday appearance to tell her, “I didn’t know I liked jazz!”

Jolly had to reassure her: “It’s okay, it’s okay,” while the woman told her, “I didn’t know. I am so sorry!”

“She saw the light,” says Jolly. “It was like a whole new world opened for her. That’s a beautiful thing.” …