Inside Knoxville (03.19. 16)

In the middle of all the great festivals the city has to offer, we added a couple of new ones this year. The Women in Jazz Jam Festival, produced by local jazz musician and vocalist Kelle Jolly set a high standard for what I hope will be many years of future installments. By all measures, it appears to have been a great success. …

Kelle Jolly seeks to forge musical relationships with the Women in Jazz Jam Festival

It all started with some big ideas by East Tennessee jazz chanteuse Kelle Jolly. …

GoKnoxville (03.18.16)

The Women in Jazz Jam Festival will be Friday-Sunday, March 18-20, in locations around town. Festival organizer Kelle Jolly has put together a weekend of concerts and activities to celebrate women composers and musicians.

Shopper News (03.16.16)

In our town, where Vols football and “cradle of country music” lore reign supreme, it’s good to remember that Knoxville is also very much a jazz mecca. (page 9) …

Knoxville Music Warehouse (03.21.16)
The very name of the event tells the story. The Women in Jazz Jam Festival reigns queen.

Knoxville Mercury (03.16.16)

An audience member approached Kelle Jolly after a Tennessee Theatre Musical Monday appearance to tell her, “I didn’t know I liked jazz!”

Jolly had to reassure her: “It’s okay, it’s okay,” while the woman told her, “I didn’t know. I am so sorry!”

“She saw the light,” says Jolly. “It was like a whole new world opened for her. That’s a beautiful thing.” (03.10.16)

Live at Five at 4 Women in Jazz Jazz Festival (WJJF) from March 18-20 in Knoxville

Knoxville Music Warehouse (03.07.16)

Since its inception, women have been involved with jazz, but often enough their achievements are not well-known or as trumpeted (so to speak) as their male counterparts. Of course we have Billie, Ella, and Sarah, but there are so many more — singers, instrumentalists and composers — who have made a worthy pantheon, and a legacy to follow. However, commentary about women in jazz still sticks to a fundamental question: Do they exist? …

KnoxZine (03.01.16)

Advice from the Women In Jazz Jam Festival
Here are a few of the performers from the Women in Jazz Jam Festival discussing their experiences as musicians. See them perform in Knoxville, TN, on March 18-20, 2016. …

Inside of Knoxville (01.07.16)

She is many things: pensive and effusive, delicate and determined, eloquent and straightforward. She is also very talented and she has a vision which she intends to see through. “What I’m doing this moment has to be good. I’m not waiting for good,” she told me when I sat down with her recently. As we sorted out her journey to this point and her goals for the upcoming festival, I got to know an interesting and vivacious woman who is on a jazz mission: The Women in Jazz Jam Festival. …